Review: 4-star Book, “War of the Worldviews”

War of the Worldviews: Science Vs. Spirituality

Fascinating, September 17, 2011

I predicted I would favor Deepak Chopra’s side of this age-old debate, since I have enjoyed several of his books … but Leonard’s clear, no-nonsense thinking and writing won me over. He makes the scientific approach sound so damn logical and irrefutable. At times during this read, I felt I was listening to Spock and Kirk arguing over the merits of logic vs. emotion, but in the end, Deepak’s positions seemed untenable, no matter how hard he tried to squeeze out a convincing argument for that which cannot be supported by anything other than belief. I recommend the book for anyone who has wrestled with the science vs. spirituality debate in their own mind.

Review: 3-star Book, “Boxer, Beetle”

Boxer, Beetle: A Novel

Fresh, bold and a bit irritating, September 17, 2011

I admire Beauman’s originality and found the writing and storytelling fresh, but this isn’t a book for everybody. While I found most of the in-your-face bluntness humorous, I wouldn’t be surprised if some readers find it uncomfortably dirty. Beauman occasionally forces some of his similies and metaphors, possibly for humor’s sake, but it often comes off as a writer simply trying too hard. If you like earthy stories with an F-you attitude and shock-value humor, you’ll like Boxer/Beetle. If you prefer beautiful, moving stories elegantly told, look elsewhere.