Review: 2-star Earphones

elago E3 In-Ear Noise-Reducing Earphones with Superior Comfort (Compatible iPhone 4, 1G/3GS)

Disappointing, August 24, 2011

Now I know why these $30 ear buds were slashed to just $9. The sound is thin and tinny, and no fussing with the iPod EQ helps much. I did a comparison on the same song, listening first with the E3s, then the original ear buds that come with the iPod, then my Sennheiser earphones. The E3s are the worst, and it isn’t even close. I bought the E3s to push an Amazon order over the $25 free shipping threshold, knowing they probably wouldn’t sound better than the Sennheiser earphones, but from other reviews, I expected them to surpass the ear buds that ship with the iPod. No such luck. The E3s sound so light and thin and full of treble that I figured I must not have them situated properly in my ears. I fussed with them for a long time, then tried changing all the EQ settings on the iPod to pull a deeper, richer, fuller sound out of them. Boosting the bass only made them sound muddy. The E3 packaging claims they offer “comfort, high-definition sound and noise reduction.” Don’t buy it.