Review: 5-star DVD, “The Twilight Zone, The Definitive Collection”

The Twilight Zone: The Complete Definitive Collection

As you’ve never seen it before, July 26, 2011

If you liked the Twilight Zone, you’ll love this set. The super-clean, remastered film looks HD and fills the whole screen on a big wall plasma TV via the Oppo upconverter dvd player. If you remember watching the series 40 years ago on a tiny, old CRT — or even more recently during Fourth of July marathons on cable TV — you’ll be stunned by how great this looks and what this package offers: a wealth of special features, including commentaries, interviews, bloopers and even a Saturday Night Live clip. And, of course, every episode ever aired, plus the unaired original pilot and even some vintage commercials thrown in for fun. Seeing episodes I somehow missed all those years ago is a fresh treat, and the collection drives home a forgotten realization: the writing in this series was remarkably imaginative and thought-provoking.