Review: 4-star iPod Cover

AmazonBasics Leather Case with Front Cover for Apple iPod touch 3rd Gen (Black)

A necessity, May 7, 2011

I own 2 iPod classics and learned the hard way that a cover is a necessity — I accidentally dropped the first unprotected ipod twice onto concrete from a height of about 4 feet. Fortunately, it still works fine, but it’s now a no-brainer to protect the investment with a decent case that will cushion the falls and protect the face from all those scratches. The AmazonBasics Leather Case is well-made and has a spring-loaded clip and two little pockets that might be handy. It now protects my new iPod, while the old iPod is in a Griffin Elan Convertible case which originally sold for $29.99 and is now available for $9.99.

I prefer the AmazonBasics cover (now $14.99), but only slightly. I like its magnetic seal on the cover and wide-open face for easy window viewing and scroll-wheel access. The Griffin Elan Convertible has the advantage of a removable cover with a velcro seal, which is nice if you’re constantly changing songs or settings on the wheel (you don’t have to keep lifting the cover like you would with the AmazonBasics). But the Griffin has openings cut into the cover for the wheel (circle) and window (rectangle), and when the ipod slides a bit in the case, you have to re-center it to have full access to the controls. Not a big deal, but still.

Both have belt clips and will protect your iPod.