Review: 5-star DVD, “Sherlock, Season One”

Sherlock: Season One

Best Sherlock Ever?, December 15, 2010

Dragging Sherlock Holmes into the 21st Century? A big risk, but they succeed beyond belief, and the Great Detective is more fun and relevant than ever in this mini-series of three 90-minute films. Aficionados will love all the subtle nods to Doyle and the original stories, but it’s startling how easily the canon slides into 2010 settings and technology. Jeremy Brett? Basil Rathbone? Debates over the best Sherlock ever now must include Benedict Cumberbatch, whose chemistry with the new Dr. Watson (Martin Freeman) is spot-on. I own the complete Granada TV series with Jeremy Brett and considered it the best-ever dramatization of Doyle’s stories, but now that this Masterpiece Mystery BBC series has been renewed for a 2011 season, I believe Cumberbatch and Freeman will surpass their predecessors, if they haven’t already. The premiere “Study in Pink” is the best of the 3 initial films, acting is superb and the injection of humor delicious.