Review: 4-star Camera Tripod

VidPro Gripster Flexible Compact Camera Tripod

Works as advertised, July 25, 2010

I bought this because many reviewers of my recently purchased FlipHD camcorder warned about very bouncy video results from a handheld camera. This little tripod is handy for getting yourself in the shot, but I rarely use it just to steady the camera because (1) if I keep my elbows against my body and try to stay still, the video turns out fine, and (2) most of my video is shot as real-life events are happening, so I don’t have time to pull out the tripod and set it up, even though that only takes 60 seconds. That said, the tripod is inexpensive and worth buying. If you want to pose yourself in front of the Eiffel Tower, you can do it without handing the camera to a stranger who might run off with it. And if you’re not worried about missing a fleeting moment, mounting the camera on the tripod WILL give you beautiful, steady video. It has a clip-in shoe so you don’t have to screw in the camera every time. Just set the tripod, clip in the camera and you’re rolling.