Review: 4-star Book, “Breakthrough on Skis”

Breakthrough on the New Skis 3 Ed: Say Goodbye to the Intermediate Blues

A solid primer, December 30, 2009

Watch this before every ski season, or several times during the season, and you will be a better skier. Lito’s method is simple to learn, but it takes time on the mountain to perfect. I was skiing with more confidence the first time out after watching this DVD.

Review: 4-star DVD, “Star Trek” 2009 2-disc Special Edition

Star Trek (Two-Disc Edition)

Best of the Treks, December 30, 2009

The special features are a hoot, and the movie takes the Star Trek franchise to another level. No, it’s not your father’s Star Trek, but it honors the canon lovingly while moving into an action-packed, CG realm that today’s audiences will appreciate. Not one of the greatest movies ever made, but somewhere on the next tier.