Review: 5-star VHS-to-digital Conversion Device

Diamond VC500 One Touch Video Capture Device

Works great, terrific value, July 13, 2009

I did a lot of research on how best to convert my VHS tapes to digital so I could burn them to DVD, and the One-Touch was by far the simplest and also the best bargain, but I worried about those negative reviews. I read them all, good and bad. I couldn’t be happier with this device. It works perfectly and is easy to use. I record on SVCD format, one step below DVD quality, to save on disc space; these are 15-yr-old VHS tapes anyway, and a digital copy can’t be better than its source material. It looks just like the tapes. I didn’t bother downloading the editing software because I use Windows Movie Maker to edit the clips, then burn the project directly to DVD. As long as your computer system meets the minimum requirements listed by Diamond One-Touch, you should have no problems with sound-picture synch or anything else. I didn’t.